The first version of Chemin was made for the Belgian magazine Médor. The journalists and graphic designers at Médor wanted to experiment a new kind of online survey that would be more than just the usual marketing/journalistic survey with the sole purpose of attracting new readers. Furthermore, they wanted to build a tool that would be usable more than just once, even if they had a specific first project to set up; a survey about alcohol in Belgian society. The design and integration of the public website was made by OSP (the graphic designers who are working with Médor), I made the software and helped for the navigation part of the website. Check out the project page for more info and my GitLab if you want to play with it.

A 30' lecture (in french) about Homeopape and its creation context during a DorkBot at iMAL on March 30, 2016 after a one month residency in which I developped a new version of the installation.