The first version of Chemin was made for the Belgian magazine Médor. The journalists and graphic designers at Médor wanted to experiment a new kind of online survey that would be more than just the usual marketing/journalistic survey with the sole purpose of attracting new readers. Furthermore, they wanted to build a tool that would be usable more than just once, even if they had a specific first project to set up; a survey about alcohol in Belgian society. The design and integration of the public website was made by OSP (the graphic designers who are working with Médor), I made the software and helped for the navigation part of the website. Check out the project page for more info and my GitLab if you want to play with it.

Présentation de 30' à propos d'Homeopape et son contexte de création, dans le cadre d'un événement DorkBot organisé à iMAL le 30 mars 2016. Cette présentation clôturait un mois de résidence durant lequel j'ai développé une nouvelle version de l'installation.