In co-production with Nuit Blanche Bruxelles / With the support of BELGA and iMAL (Center for Digital Cultures & Technology, Bruxelles) / Homeopape benefited from support by the FWB (Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles)

When there is a new item in the newsfeed : 1. Grab the content of the news | 2. Generate a 840x1485mm poster with the headline as the content | 3. Split the poster into 20 a4 files | 4. Print those files with 20 desktop printers on one of the shelves in the exhibition space | 5. When the printing is over, power up the fans and let the printed sheets fly and fall to the dirty ground.

Homeopape is an installation that is nourished by the flow of dispatches from press agencies . Two storage racks are set across from one another in the space. Each of these racks contains 20 desktop printers, in rows of 4. Underneath them are placed 4 ventilators. For each dispatch issued in real time by the press agency, all the 20 desktop printers of a rack will synchronize and print a whole dispatch on a surface of 84cm x 148,5cm, divided in 20 A4 paper sheets. Both printer sets (one for each rack) print dispatches one after the other. Once a dispatch is printed (and that it becomes completely legible for the visitor), the printers eject the paper sheets, which are scattered in the exhibition space by the ventilators.

Homeopape | iMAL Brussels (2016)

Homeopape | Nuit Blanche Brussels (2015)

A 30' lecture (in french) about Homeopape and its creation context during a DorkBot at iMAL on March 30, 2016 after a one month residency in which I developped a new version of the installation.