Chemins is a free software and is available on my GitLab. The first version of Chemins was developped for the Belgian magasine Médor. They wanted a tool for making online surveys, open to their readers.

Chemins is a software for interactive narrations that can be used as a writing tool and/or website administration interface. It is built on top of the CMS ProcessWire. It's developped with html/css/js for the graphical interface and PHP for the communication with ProcessWire. It can be used for creating complex tree networks where each node is a page (on the public website) and each edge is a link from one page to another.


The administration interface is essentially a webpage where one can make boxes and lines between boxes. A box can be a question or an answer. A question can be linked to one or several answer(s) and an answer can be linked to one question. Thus the interface can be used to make different kind of interactive narrations, to map references or notes or to make online surveys.

In the public website generated by the graph drawn with the administration interface, a question is actually a webpage and an answer is a link to another question (webpage). The path taken by each visitor in the website can be recorded (if the option is activated in the graph by clicking on the eye symbol next to the boxes one wants to monitor).

Exporting paths

Initialy developped as a tool for creating online surveys for the Belgian magazine Médor (and making statistics from the choices made by the visitors) Chemins can export each path taken by every visitor in the graph. The initial idea was to create a system that can show the multiplicity of the paths taken in an online survey by the visitors by exporting each one. Thus contextualizing answers to questions rather than extracting one question and make percentages with the answers. Instead of drawing conclusions like "33% of the visitors answered - yes - to the question - are you happy? -" the goal was to allow more complex (and absurd) interpretations; "among the 33% of the visitors who answered - yes - to the question - are you happy? -, 10% answered - no - to the question - do you wear glasses? - and among them, 80% are younger than 40 years old.

The first version of Chemin was made for the Belgian magazine Médor. The journalists and graphic designers at Médor wanted to experiment a new kind of online survey that would be more than just the usual marketing/journalistic survey with the sole purpose of attracting new readers. Furthermore, they wanted to build a tool that would be usable more than just once, even if they had a specific first project to set up; a survey about alcohol in Belgian society. The design and integration of the public website was made by OSP (the graphic designers who are working with Médor), I made the software and helped for the navigation part of the website. Check out the project page for more info and my GitLab if you want to play with it.